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Easter Party

Yesterday I met my ‘Friday Keep-Fit Gang’ – but on a Wednesday!   It was time for our Easter Party. In the training centre there is a conference room. That is where the tables were covered with easter cloths and food.

There were fifteen present and all the food had been prepared/cooked at home and was delicious. My task was to bring two bottles of sekt, which I did. Here you can see the decorated table and a photo of ‘False-Rabbit’.

 It is seasoned minced meat filled with boiled eggs then baked in the oven. Mmmmmh and perfect with potato salad! There was lots to eat, and drink, including a very tasty apple cake with cream. Perfect with hot coffee. There were lots of interesting topics and conversations.

Our oldest member is called Horst and it was also his birthday. I was invited to his small family/friend birthday party at his home. Very pleasant and relaxing where we all sipped a very nice French Cognac.

He bought it while on a recent holiday in the south of Spain. As we sipped another glass, we watched a film of the holiday and the places they had been to. I arrived home not too late but very happy! Thanks all.