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April things

Start of a new month. We had hailstones and even snow showers yesterday. Today the sun is shining. I even sat on my balcony while reading a book after breakfast. First time on the balcony this year.  I went shopping for new carpet squares for the entrance to my flat. I also bought some new ‘grass’ for my balcony. Silke took me for I needed a car to transport the things.

We went to a local ‘Baumarkt’ (DIY Store) to get the things. We ended up in a large store with a restaurant offering reasonably priced lunch menus for ‘tired’ shoppers. We went for the fish and here is the evidence taken by Silke. I would have preferred some hot potatoes, rather then the potato salad, but it was a ‘fixed’ meal. Even so, the fish was good!

I’m still shaking off the bad chest cold I posted about some time ago. I think it is mixed up with my allergies, for I normally shake off a cold within one week. Tomorrow, G&H arrive in Berlin from Bremen for a few days.  The first meeting since I arrived in Berlin. How time flies!

On Wednesday, Kerstin’s ‘Friday Keep-Fit Oldies’ meet up for an Easter eating and drinking session – after training 🙂  Should be great for last summer I went to an amazing garden party they gave. I suspect there will be lots of good, solid home cooking, with a glass or two of beer or sekt! Looking forward to it.

I already have a number of things planned over Easter, then I am taking the train to the Netherlands to visit Jan and Arancha in their new larger flat. On the way back I’ll be staying over with Jeff and Marjan, who I haven’t seen for a number of years. They are the high spots of my April.

Who has a birthday in April? Horst will be 78 on the 4th, Ulli hits 65 on 6th followed by Petra on the 8th. Daniel will celebrate with friends in Australia on the 9th, Dennis with his family in the USA will celebrate his 57th on the 11th. Niel shares the 13th with Marga but he will be 55 and Marga will celebrate her 64th in Berlin. My nephew Henri will smile his way through the 18th as he celebrates his 3rd Birthday – very nice:-)  Back in Berlin, Mathias will celebrate his 48th with his lovely Sylvana on the 19th, Peter will be opening a bottle or two in Altlandsberg to see in his 48th on the 22nd April. Birgit will no doubt do the same for her 48th on the 24th. Katrin ends the month with a party for her 44th on the 28th April. Have a wonderful day each and all!