Left bed


I took photos of Dr. Khalid in Berlin yesterday then noticed I had two wrong settings on the camera for the bright weather. Mmmm….still learning how to get the best out of this camera!

Today I met some ‘oldies’ which included a long lunch then headed home. I took a detour over a small bridge and stopped. I had packed my camera to test different settings.

 I took some photos of the railway tracks leading to Karlshorst, then I climbed a wall on the bridge to get a shot in the opposite direction. It is a shot to the power station with the railway service/repair/cleaning station in the foreground. It is a huge area.

It was an exercise in playing about with different settings and getting to know my camera better. It is also for Dr. Khalid for we travelled along these tracks yesterday en-route to the airport.

As we travelled, we talked about his next visit and taking him to see some sights in my part of Berlin. Now he, and you, can see other images of Berlin, which do not appear in tourist guide books!