Left bed


Another happy session with my Photoshop Gang this afternoon. Friday is my favourite day of the week. Stefan had prepared some photos so we set to work to create new ‘works of art’. Here is mine.

It’s a conversation between two cats with a comment from the rabbit, and all on a nice, sunny beach. I wrote it in German with the second cat’s comment in ‘Berlinisch’ 🙂 They are talking about the snake in the middle of the picture.

Cat-1, “Shall we share it?”  Cat-2, “Yes, but what’s for dessert?”  Reply from rabbit, “Not me!”

We are planning an exhibition of our work made over the last two years. It’s called, ‘Perspective and other views’. It will be in our centre at Falckensteinstraße on Tuesday 17th April 2012, starting at 2:00 pm. Drop in if you can. You’re more than welcome!