Left bed


I went to a workshop for English teachers yesterday afternoon. It was sponsored by Pearson Publishers and Vicki Hollett gave a presentation about Communication Skills for the 21st Century. It was very interesting and she is a friendly presenter.

I last saw her in Berlin eighteen years ago when she gave a workshop promoting her new Business English book. This really made her career and launched her onto the international stage. She now lives in the USA and teaches at a university when not writing new teaching material, or on promotion tours.

As usual, I took my (newish) camera to take shots for our teacher’s web page. Here is one of her checking back to make sure she had pressed the right button to find the next page of her presentation. She had!  Mathias was also there and unknown to me was snapping me snapping Vicki. Here is his shot of me trying to hide. Both shots were taken about the same time.

My weekend will end in a short time when I leave to go to Alexander Platz to see the Chinese Acrobat Circus. Another first for me!