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I’ve just back from seeing the Chinese Acrobat Circus. Absolutely great! If it comes anywhere near to where you live, you must go and see it!

My German teacher, Frau Fox called to see if I was interested in going. She had a ticket but could not go. Her husband wanted to go so she suggested I use here ticket. I agreed. We met at Alex and walked the short distance to the circus ground.

There were a lot of families present but it wasn’t full. I wondered if the cool evening played a part. What was short in numbers was certainly made up for with quality. An amazing array of acrobatic talent. I saw things I did not think the human body capable of doing. And all done with perfect smiles and grace.

I was immediately taken back to my Beijing visit last September. I took my old digital camera so the quality of the photos is not great. I wanted to take some and share with Gillian in Beijing. I was some distance away so could not get good close-up images. Even so, they show a group of remarkably talented young artists.