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Busy Boy

I’ve been a busy boy today!  I was about leave the flat this morning when my mobile (called a Handy in German!) rang. It was the ‘Oldie-Centre’. I was told that all but one had called to say they would not be in the lesson because of ice on the pavements and roads. Yes, it was very icy here this morning. So I unpacked my teaching bag, made a cup of coffee and wondered what I could do instead.

I decided to go shopping to buy some light-bulbs. Down to my last reserve. While in the shopping centre I saw a toilet seat reasonably priced. I bought it on impulse. The fastenings on the old seat keep coming lose and one keeps falling off, plus I use bleach for cleaning and this has marked all the metal fittings. Time for a new one.

Next to the toilet is a radiator. This has lost bits of paint eaten away from bleach in the cleaning water that splashes onto it. Here you can see the Before and After pics of my handy-work. The After pics look much better!

Having done that I corrected some homework from students I am teaching for an exam at the start of March. That done, I tidied up, ironed, washed up and took the rubbish down to the waste bins. Being nosy, I looked in the white glass container and was amazed.

One of my neighbours had thrown away a glass bowl and drinking glasses, of which two were broken. I decided to rescue them. Can use for a party in the garden, or give them to a family with kids who are always breaking glasses.

What a busy boy I was today, and I think I must be the only person on the planet to have told a story, on a blog today, about changing a toilet seat! Someone has to be first 🙂