Left bed

Not Happy

I am not happy with the result of my work this afternoon in my Photoshop lesson. I thought it was good  for I was busy with composition and constructing the total image. Now at home, and reducing for this blog, I see many things I don’t like.

The mono-tone colour I don’t like. I can also see mistakes I made in cutting and removing old backgrounds. Mmmmh….not happy at all, but here it is for you to judge for yourself. Perhaps I am becoming too critical and seeing things I couldn’t see when I started. I shall add a green parrot to this post to brighten it up! All together.”Pretty Polly, Pretty Polly!!”

I have a very busy week in front of me. Tomorrow is the eltabb AGM. I am giving the auditor’s report and been asked to chair the meeting to elect a new Board. I said,’Yes’.  I was one of the co-founders 17 years ago, so I feel honoured to be asked to chair the meeting tomorrow.

I have a new business man as student next week. A short intensive course to help him with specific language problems. Two others have asked for help. In a recent post, I told you I had agreed to do volunteer teaching to seniors with limited income who live in a home. I had my first session last Wednesday.

Very interesting. One is partially deaf, so that was a new challenge!  I am giving them a four week course to see if it is possible to take them into a longer course. Age, learning ability, and memory retention play an important role. Even so, I was very impressed with their interest and wish to learn another language. Yes, a busy week with all these things in addition to my usual routine.