Left bed

Wide Lens

Silke brought a lot of lenses with her for our ‘learn the camera’ session yesterday. After Dr. Mabuse had fed us, and himself, he washed up the dishes. Like having a servant in the house!

While he did that, Silke showed me all the lenses, and other things she had brought. I was amazed and we talked about ‘the how and the why’ of each camera part. We read from my instruction book, turned things on and off, and tried more things. Then was the big test.

I removed the lens on my camera and added her Wide Lens. A wonderful thing which cost almost what my camera package of three things cost! I took some photos of my flat and was amazed at what I saw through the lens and the result.

With my lens I cannot take such a wide perspective. It was a new experience for me, just like eating Borscht. I know Fran and Barbara like to look at the inside of my flat, so here are the results of this Wide Lens tested in my small four walls- and just for you !