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Yesterday I ate Borscht for the first time. I don’t know why it has taken so long to enjoy this kind of soup. Borscht has about 12 different ways of spelling depending on the language, with it’s origin in Ukraine/Russia.

Traditionally its main ingrediant is beetroot, to which is added different things, depending on availability, season, and if you are rich enough to add meat! It is usually eaten hot, but it can be eaten cold. It has also infiltrated the Chinese diet, which I was pleased about, although I wasn’t offered any when I was in Beijing.

I met Silke for a ‘learn the camera’ session yesterday and she had cooked some Borscht, with meat in the good old German version of the dish. She brought Dr. Mabuse and he helped to warm up the soup and serve it. He also ate some and found it delicious – as I did.
So, Marcel, what do think of Dr. Mabuse? Have you eaten Borscht in Hungary? Post your answer to my Comment box! I look forward to reading it.