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Moon and Dwarves

I’ve had a strange week. It included getting a demand for two years membership payment from my ex-fitness centre. The matter is now on the desk of my new lawyer. Let’s see what she makes of it!

It also included a call from an Ehrenamt (Volunteer) Office in Marzahn. This is a district on the north  east of Berlin. It was where I lived when I first arrived in Berlin, where  I met Jan and Andrea and where I worked for many years at an adult education centre. They had got my name from one of my ex-students, and asked me if I would teach two lessons a week at a Home for Seniors in the south of the district. I went to their office to see who and what they were and decided to take on the project.

I also started to help a Russian engineer with pronunciation problems. This is not new for me and I rather like the work. This engineer is very hard working and it was interesting to see how much progress he had made in one week.

I went to my Oldie-Keep-Fit Gang this morning. We learnt/learned some new exercises to do with balance. It took me some time to get the hang of it, but trainer Kerstin quickly came over to help me.
I then went to my Photoshop Gang. Not sure how long this will continue because of ‘savings’! Yes, we always save at the wrong of the social structure – don’t we?

There, I decided to visit Rome with garden gnomes Fred and Bill. They quickly attracted the attention of some butterflies – as you can see here. I then went on a quick trip to the sahara desert to see the moon. I planted some flowers in the sand and watched some more butterflies flying behind the moon. A very interesting excusion! Creative aren’t I?