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Today I went to my Photoshop Gang led by Stefen. It was very nice to see all again and looking so well! Stefan quickly told me what I had missed last week – due to having flu if you remember.

They worked on cutting out a butterfly and adding it to a background of the famous Charles Bridge in Prague. The centre of this city is very attractive. If you have not been there, then add it to your list of places to visit.

Latest Update: 9 February 2012. I talked to a number of readers of this blog about the problem of seeing the butterfly actually fly. If you remember, I had removed it because of reports from the blog server that it was not working and needed a new add-on. So now I have uploaded the original ‘work of art’ and shall leave it here. Perhaps the problem has something to do with my computers and their programmes. Why did I have the problem and not other readers of my blog?