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Silke Baby Asus

Silke fell in love with my ‘Baby Asus’ this afternoon! Both of us have had ‘die Grippe’ and as we began to feel better, agreed to meet up for another camera session.

We met at a local Citizen’s Centre. We met there before Christmas and I posted details on my blog. We started with lunch. Very nice ‘deftiges Essen’ which means substantial food which puts something on your ribs! All our co-eaters were my age or more:-)

Silke and I then went to a meeting room to talk about and experiment with cameras/computer photo programmes. I had also brought my ‘Baby Asus’ (Silke’s request) and my Arcor Laptop in addition to two cameras. A very interesting session and we went onto the internet via an open WLAN from a nearby neighbour. Thanks, unknown neighbour!

At the end I took a few photos of Silke, one of which I really like. It shows her in a very human pose with the machine – almost as if it were human. It is my favourite of the ones I took and Silke gave her permission to share with you. Thanks Silke.