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More Me

I missed my Photoshop course last Friday. If you remember I am under Dr’s orders at the moment. It was strange not to be there. I called Stefan and he said they were going to repeat things we had done the week before. Okay, nothing new but I would still have liked to be there.

I can’t present any new image(s), so here are a couple from my Christmas ‘eating and drinking’ round. I played around with light and lots of other things. You should also play with your photo-programmes and see what you can do with the original image. I enjoyed it and shall play around again.

Last Friday evening, I went to meet some of my very nice Oldies. Johanna was the host and there I met Werner who I hadn’t seen for some time. Werner is very active in all kinds of things. I first met him years ago when he joined my Wednesday ‘Happy Gang’, which he now leads. It was great to catch up with each others news.

Yesterday evening when I got home, I found a message from Jan on my AB = answering machine. He called to tell me he had to leave next day to help in a construction project outside Europe. I didn’t  call back for I thought it more important that he and his lovely A had some privacy.

I decided to send him an e-mai today, then suddenly at lunchtime the phone rang. It was him. He was about to board the plane and wanted to contact me again. This time with success. I was so pleased to hear his voice, and to think that he would make a final effort to talk to me before boarding the plane. Have a safe flight and take care of yourself, Jan.

Just after I put the phone down, it rang again. It was Ian and Birgit from Australia. They had read on my blog that I was ill and wanted to hear how I was now. It was great to hear from them and chat over their Skype phone. What a nice day I have had!

Tomorrow I plan to return to normal life although I have a check-up with my doctor on Wednesday morning. It is about my high blood pressure. Next day I have an appointment with my Allergie doctor. Yes, it is that time of year again. Stand by for a runny nose, red and burning eyes and wearing sunglasses when there is no sun 🙁            Have a positive week all!