Left bed


I feel like I’m in a prison. Can’t do my usual things, or go out, because of the flu and very high blood pressure. I have to “stay at home and relax”.  Thanks for your comment Silke 🙂

I’m doing more German homework, finished reading one book and just started a biography of Clement Attlee written by Kenneth Harris. A pleasure to read his style of writing and use of English.  They don’t/can’t write like that anymore! I started in the middle of the book on the chapters about independence for Burma, India and Palestine. Great, given my early background!

I have also looked at DVDs I’d forgotten I had. I can’t remember seeing some of them before! And, looking at photos of my wonderful time last September in Beijing. I never tire of seeing them again. Ian recently sent some he had taken. Here are a few to share with you.

The first is me photographing Silke. We had just arrived on top of The Great Wall of China, after being taken up in a ski lift imported from Austria . I like the instructions in the bottom left of the photo. It says, ” No Climb-Over”. Happy to report that, ‘I No Climbed-Over’.

Ian took one of me reaching the top of a very steep climb. Well done John! Another is a panorama of the wall and hills, and there is one of me looking rather reflective. Nice memories.  Now back to a book and my medicine!