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Welcome to Peter, Rebecca and Jake!  Many thanks for your recent addition to the Comment section of a blog. Happy to add you to the small, but slowly growing gang, of Letter-from-Berlin-blog readers.

Peter and family live in Melbourne, which I am sure you know is in the south of Australia. Bigger brother Daniel lives up the coast in Sydney and little brother Paul lives a bit further away in New Zealand. Many of you (my readers) will know them, or know about them. They are the ‘wandering bit’ of Alan and Lynne’s family.

Alan and Lynne visited them all at the end of last year. There was an exchange of e-mails and photographs leading to Peter adding a Comment. I then contacted them and asked permission to post a couple of photos.   Must always ask, particularly if there is a child in the photo. Peter replied giving their permission.

In the first photo you can see Peter between his parents. The second one shows wife Rebecca and son Jake. Please feel free to send me more photos of you all enjoying the summer as we struggle through winter here!