Left bed

die Grippe

Yes, I’ve now got it. It means the flu in English :-((  

I suspected I was starting with it on Sunday, so I returned early from the ‘Oldie Wander’ session I mentioned in an earlier blog. Yesterday evening I also cancelled a meeting with my German teacher at a poetry session she attends at the beginning of each month.

Update: Just got back from the Docs with new tablets. Three a day of one sort to attack the flu and one each morning of the other. This one is to bring down my blood pressure.

It is very high and I have had strange ‘murmers’ in my chest since Monday. The Doc said he was more worried about this and wants to see me next Wednesday for further checks.

He also said I had to cancel all appointments for the rest of this week, stay at home and relax. Hope the rest of your week is better than mine!