Left bed

Found it

I found the missing work from my Photoshop Gang session. I just transferred the original to my iMac and it opened. Guess why?……… That’s enough time to think………..only the iMac has Photoshop installed.

 I tried to open it in my laptop with Windows 7, and another photo programme, and as we know it said, “NO”.  Then I decided to post the image from Stefan.

And now, here it is. We learnt about placing images behind and in front of objects. I also added a bubble with words coming from my mouth. The translation would be something like, ‘Don’t talk rubbish/nonsense to him.”

The poor victim in the middle of two of me is, Herr Schröder who is also in the Photoshop Gang, as is his wife. I posted about them last summer when we had a nice Grill Party at their garden house.