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January things

I decided to change my ‘monthly review’ image. Guess who ?

Now is the first day of a new year. I think most of us in Europe are taking it easy after celebrating last night. I am!  I had a very pleasant Christmas and New Year period. More than I expected. I think this must be down to the generous hosts and their hospitality. Jutta said something nice when I went to her Christmas Breakfast. She said, “We have everything we need to eat and drink. Just bring yourself, that is the most important thing.” Thanks Jutta!

Tomorrow I return to teaching at the Institute which runs to the end of the month and an examination. The students are very nice and I always enjoy meeting them. I have some other plans about teaching in the area in which I live, but let’s see how they work out this year.

The first part of the year will be spent in my usual routine in Berlin. In May I plan to fly to Florida and finally enjoy the area with Shirley and family. Late June will find me in England to see family and friends. I would like to travel to Ireland to see the family lands and ruined castles. Perhaps I shall manage it late summer. I hope so.

Seeing Hannelore and Peter in the south of France is also on my agenda but I don’t know when. I need to talk to them and organise a visit. Also on the cards is a visit to the Netherlands in early Spring to see Jan and Arancha plus Jeff-Marjana and family. Not seen them for ages = time to share a few beers and news in Amersfoort. I have lots of plans and want to travel to see wonderful people, so lets see what 2012 brings.

Who has a birthday in January? Peter in Canterbury celebrates his 53rd on the 5th, Hannelore will celebrate her 69th with Peter on the 12th in France, Harald will celebrate his 48th on the 21st in Berlin, Peter von Long-Legs hits 28 on the 24th followed by Paul in New Zealand who will be 27 on the 27th – nice combination of dates! And that is it for January 2012. Have a wonderful day each and all!