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Poor Jesus

My back got better and I even went training this morning. Feel much better. Also talked to Neil and Ian. Both have birthdays now, as does Stefan Sch., but I forgot to mention him in my monthly report. Sorry, Stefan. 

When you train your mind goes everywhere. There is nothing much to do except listen to the stupid English pop songs on/in the radio. Why do Germans listen to pop songs in English with idiotic words and voices from young people who can’t sing/ are tone deaf? Answers on a postcard to…………
I usually have my earphones on and listen to my selection of classical music. And so it was today. My mind mused over all the ‘hick-hack’, stress and running around to buy things most of us don’t need. I thought about what Christmas has become. The word comes from Jesus Christ and a mass/messe. I wonder what Jesus would have said about it if he had been training with me this morning. Interesting thought!
Of course there is no evidence at all that this man existed. Some claim he was a fantasy created by Paul to modernise Judaism. Others deny this and make other claims. Take your pick or just ignore it all. I try to but it is not easy. Just turn your radio on tomorrow to hear that another man has murdered people in the name of religion. Not easy to ignore is it?  I wonder what Jesus would say about it all! 
Two images I recently received present this very well. One is an almost Pre-Raphuelite image of Jesus knocking on a door. Reassuring to note he has the mandatory halo. The message is – “Jesus is coming. Look Busy.” Anyone who can remember his/her first job will remember being told to ‘look busy’ when the Boss came by. Thanks Ian and Birgit for this reminder 🙂

The second is an image of Herr Christus with arms out urging us to consume more – but in a negative way. I got it as an E-mail attachment. It is self-explanatory, but a very sad comment on what Christmas now means. I expect to go to my local supermarket on 2 January and be met by displays of Easter Eggs and other Easter products – so I have plenty of time to buy things I don’t need. Happy Easter all!