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Spree Tanzen

Silke allowed my to post her picture on this blog. We met yesterday and had a really interesting photo session exploring my camera and seeing what it could do.

She had sent me an image of the dancing figures which you can find on the River Spree near to Ostkreuz and SB-Station Treptow. I reported on this recently and posted some pictures to this blog. You may remember that Silke was with me and took some photographs.

She re-worked one in her Photoshop programme by replacing one of the dancing figures with an image of a stuffed animal. I think it belonged to her son many years ago. The result is remarkable. I have to admit that I am not sure I could do the same using Photoshop, although I think I know how she did it.

There is a lot of time and skill in doing this to this standard. On the left of this text I have placed an image of the figures I took. On the right you can see the one Silke created. Just look at the reflection of the stuffed animal in the water. It looks real – but it is not. She created it and it takes time!