Left bed


You may be wondering who Silke is, and what she looks like, after reading my recent posts. I met her at a local camera club. I noted here talents compared to other members of the club!

Over time we got to know each other better. I learnt that she is a semi-professional photographer with many years experience using different kinds of cameras. She started as a child at school and progressed to developing her own films. She told me she used the family bathroom as a ‘dark room’ to begin with. I like that!

She now has a considerable collection of cameras, some of which you can see here in the photo on the right. She really learnt her art with cameras made by Praktika.  This was a famous East German company, which unfortunately was closed after reunification.  They were very popular in Britain in the 1960s/70s. My first camera was a Praktika.

I took some photos of her, including one of her posing with her Praktika, which you can see here. She had recently found a camera from the early 1950s, and you can see it in her collection. Thanks for your help, Silke!