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I have been ‘shoppen’ again. This is modern Deutsch in which the English word ‘shopping’ has been sucked into modern German. I don’t like this trend. Standard German is ‘Einkaufen gehen’ and I  see no reason why it should be replaced by ‘shoppen’!

I went to my local Aldi and found a Medion Loudspeaker system staring at me and whispering. “Buy me!” So I did. I dropped my other loudspeakers on the floor some time ago. They only work when you shake them and somehow get the connections lined up. I thought it was time for an early Christmas present to myself.

They also reminded me of the smaller ones I bought for Ian and Birgit in Beijing. Medion is now part of the Chinese Lenova Group, so that was another connection forcing me to deposit all of €8.99 to get the boxes. The worked instantly and produced a clear round sound = essential for listening to classical music!