Left bed

Hot sausage

I got a hot sausage just after I walked into my camera club room yesterday evening! I also got some ‘Bautzen Senf’ (mustard) and potato salad to eat with it = traditional mix. Silke took some photos and here are a couple of the results. Thanks for the photos Silke!

The food was excellent and there were some interesting discussions about how Christmas is celebrated in Germany and England. Most comments were about food and drink – no surprise there!

I am not sure I shall continue in this small group. I need more advice about how to use my new camera which is not the case in the group. Fortunately, Silke has volunteered to help me. We are meeting next Tuesday to experiment with the camera and see what it can do.

Meanwhile, tomorrow evening I am going to the English teacher association Christmas Dinner and looking forward to seeing old friends again. It marks the start of a two week session of meetings based on food and drink. How about that Andrea?