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 I bought a tripod this afternoon. I had never bought one before. Something new in my life.
The background is that an area on the main road near the S-Bahn has been re-developed. It is now a complex of shops and offices including a public area. A supermarket chain called Penny opened a store there a few days ago.

 This afternoon I wandered around the store to see what was different from other supermarket chains. I notice that nothing was different appart from the colours and marketing blurbs. Then I noticed a tripod on offer.It is sold under the German Hama brand but I noticed the legand ‘Made in China’ in very small print on the box! I bought it and will learn how to use it with my new(ish) camera.

Before my shopping expedition, I did lots of photocopying of a range of documents I need for next Monday. I am going to Marga’s on Thursday, after teaching, so she can help me fill out the eight page form. I think we shall have time for a bite to eat and a nice glass of wine!