Left bed

Me the model

Had an interesting week ending with a meeting with my Friday photoshop gang this afternoon. Stefan greeted me with a print-out of a picture he had created.

It is of me in a Trabbi driving through Potsdamer Platz with cranes in the background. Of course, it is not true but a clever mixture of photos. Thanks Stefan!

During out meeting, Herr Schröder decided to create a new work of art. He put me into a horse and coach and put all into a park. Very nice and thanks to you Herr Schröder!

I worked on my own creation and took a summer background and added images. The idea was to practice how to cut out objects. I did that and added to the background.  You can see the result here.

  Unfortunately, when reducing pictures for this blog I loose a lot of detail. This is very clear in the message on the head of the snowman. Translated from German it means – The Easter bunnies are already here!

It is a sarcastic comment about the commercial practice of supermarkets filling up their shelves with products for the next season just as the current one is over.
I think it means we have to suffer 3/4 months of Easter products before we get to Easter! I don’t like it – what about you?