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Greek Party

After our Photoshop session, we went into the main room for a Greek Party.

I really enjoyed it. It started with coffee/tea and lots of cakes/biscuits and lots of talking.

As we waited for the choir to get ready, I asked Stefan to take a few seasonal shots of me. One is of me posing with the Christmas tree, and the other is of me doing a take on ‘Play it again, Sam’. I played a C minor chord which surprised Stefan. He didn’t know I had piano lessons until I was 15!

If you know this music/film you are showing your age!

Then the choir arrived and we all settled down for a pleasant musical session. I took a few pics of the choir and the appreciative audience – here is one.

A very nice way to end a Friday afternoon and launch you into the evening.

The choir is called ‘Polyphonia Berlin: Deutsch-griechischer Chor e.V.’ All are amateur but excellent!