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Photo Update

Spent a nice day but not as easy as I planned. Cleaned the flat, ironed everything piled up in heaps, cooked, washed-up and did some computer work – including clean out!

I cleaned out some accounts and checked my records of photos. I was surprised to see a number I had forgotten to post to others/to this blog. How could I have forgotten this/these? I have no idea but I had.

Here is a photo update which brings back very happy memories. They are of my visit to Brandenburg on Sunday 2 October. Heike invited me. I remember it was a very pleasant late summer/autumn day.

Heike met me at the train station and we went to a restaurant called La Mere. There I met some of her friends, including Alicia, who has an interesting background. We talked a lot about here past – part of it is my past as well!

We met six days after my return from Beijing and two days after I had bought my Canon DSLR camera. On that day my father died – he would have been 92, and it would have been Birgit’s (Heike’s sister) 59th birthday.

Just looking at these photographs brings back so many interlinked memories.