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River Spree

The river Spree runs through Berlin, from east to west and flows into the river Havel which in turn flows into the river Elbe which flows into the North Sea ( And NOT the Baltic Sea. Thanks for the correction, Marga!) just north of Hamburg. The things you can learn on this blog!

Two days ago, I tested my new camera with Silke. She is a member of my new Wednesday camera club. She has the same make of camera, but with a larger lense. We agree to meet up and cycled along the Spree then crossed it on the bridge near Ostkreuz.

I took a photo of  part of the bridge superstructure. I like the way it turned out. You can see the result here. Near the bridge are the famous figures which appear to be walking on the water. I can’t imagine how many times the figures have been photographed.

You can see my contribution. Silke sent me an e-mail with a surprise attachment. It  contained a couple of photos of my taking photos. I didn’t know she had taken them. Very nice so I decided to share her talented work with you!

In a short time I am off to Marga’s for a splendid meal. She will also help me with some paperwork.
Tomorrow I’m off to Jüterbog  for more food in return for showing my China photos. Have a nice weekend each and all.