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November 2011

It is the start of my not favourite time of the year. From now to the end of March, I just hunch my shoulders and march through the cold, rain, snow and dark days of autumn and winter. Not my period. I am a spring and summer person and start to come alive as March moves into April. Can’t wait!

As I reported on my return from Beijing, my life has started to fall into an old regular pattern. That is okay as long as my health plays along. As we move into the cold weather of Europe, I am happy to report that everything is directed towards Australia.

Alan and Lynne are now there visiting their sons including one who lives in New Zealand. Ian and Birgit are moving to Sydney from Beijing in mid-November. Jan is working there until the end of the year. He is on a ship somewhere north-east of Perth. Everyone is either heading to/ or working in/ Australia. Perhaps I should think of going there !

Who has a birthday this month?  Jeff, Rob and Annie have their collective birthday and party on the 19th November. This is one day before Computer Mathias celebrates his 44th with his lovely wife and lots of friends – as usual! Sarah in London will be 51 on the 22nd and Stefan Seitz will celebrate his birthday on the 29th November. Happy Birthday to each and all and have a wonderful day with family and friends!