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I went to Müggelsee last Sunday. It is not too far from where I live and I have made a number of posts about my visits there to this blog. You may remember that it is the largest lake in and around Berlin.

I called some Oldies. The weather was perfect for the time of year, so they agreed to get out their bikes and meet at a restaurant on the south side of the lake.

Nice tasty lunch of fish and salad with a glass of white dry wine plus lots of chat about health and grandchildren – as usual! Then onto the bikes and away.

We cycled along the south of the lake and ended up in a small town called Erkner. There we had ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ and as the sun set we cycled to the station and took the S-Bahn back to Berlin.

A very nice relaxing day with views of autumn settling again over our largest lake. I wonder if I shall walk over it in winter as I did last year. Watch this space!