Left bed


Just got back von/from einem Ausflug/a trip which ended in Buckow. It started in Müncheberg (Mark) when I got off a train.

The train starts at Lichtenberg, which is the district in Berlin where I live, and ends on the German-Polish border. In the middle is an area known as ‘Naturpark Märkische Schweiz’. It is a very beautiful area of rolling hills, and lakes, formed by the last ice age.

I often come here with my bicycle in summer and usually post reports to this blog that I have been to Strausberg. This town is the entrance to the area from Berlin. It is east of Berlin and famous for its flora and fauna.

The weather was ideal for this time of year, and for an 18+ km walk. Just dress in warm clothes and go! I did that and really enjoyed the day. I met some interesting people for it seemed that half of Berlin had taken the chance of such a pleasant day  to get out of the city.

On the way back, I sat next to a young women with a baby boy in a pram. Nothing unusual about that… then suddenly he smiled at me and revealed two little milk teeth. I just melted! We ‘gooo – gooo—goo-oooud’ until we arrived back in Lichtenberg.

He seemed very sad to see me wave goodbye … and I was sad to wave goodbye to him. His mother seemed happy that I had taken attention away from her during the journey, and also waved me goodbye.

What a nice day and what great photos I have of the day. What do you think?