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Friday Gang

Things are falling back into their pre-summer pattern. This afternoon was the first meeting of my Friday afternoon Photoshop ‘Gang’ led by the multi-talented Stefan.

Two of the gang were missing, but the rest of us made up with lots of talking about what we had done in the summer months. We even did some work with the Photoshop programme. You can see the results here.

What else is happening? I have a nice weekend of relaxation tomorrow, then an all-day walk in an area east of Berlin. Next week has a mixture of teaching, training, writing more texts in German and seeing the Friday Gang again.

Jan is now on a ship off-shore from Perth, Australia. He is deputising for an engineer for 4 or 5 weeks. He must be building another under sea platform. Have fun in Ozland, Jan. He beat me to that part of the world. I won’t make it there until Christmas 2013!