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My Hosts

I am now settled into routine in Berlin but still missing Beijing. I think I always shall.

Just got news from Ian and Birgit that they are leaving for Australia on 15th November. Sad, but I understand their reasons. It also has to do with family and parents who are not getting any younger:-)

Thought it was time to show you what they look like. I have just sent out lots of E-mails, with photo attachments of my stay in and around Beijing, so I decided to share some with you on my blog.

Let’s start with Ian and Birgit for without them I would never have gone to the capital of the Peoples Republic of China.

They are both keep-fit enthusiasts as we can see this from the photo of Birgit….but the one of Ian shows him in his classic ‘relaxing’ pose. We old ‘Sussex-Wallahs’ know it well!  Thanks to both for a wonderful experience.