Left bed

Beijing Flat

Ian and Birgit found this flat shortly after their arrival in Beijing. It is in the south-east of the centre of the city and just south of the main business and embassy area.

The ‘expat’ colony is just to the north as is Metro Line 1, which links to all the main connecting Metro lines.

It is easy to connect and travel to all parts of the city from where they live. Their flat is on the third floor of a modern high rise block of flats. It has gardens and trees to soften the high rise image and it is only a few minutes walk to a Metro station.

A large underground shopping centre, with restaurants, is also only a few minutes walk away. I had some interesting adventures and meals there 🙂

The flat was open plan and pleasant to be in. It had all the usual internet, large TV facilities typical of such a flat. This is typical for the new middle class type of flat in the city.

             It had two bedrooms with a hobby room that could double as a bedroom. Birgit did most of her Manderin Chinese homework there.

There was a large room composed of dining section and sitting room with sofas and TV opening onto a large window offering a view onto trees, a small garden and the next high rise block of flats.

The kitchen was modern, as was the bathroom with in-built washing machine. I particularly like the ceiling to floor curtain to separate the shower section from the toilet and washbasin parts. Very practical.

Here are the photos so you can see for yourself. I really enjoyed living in this flat with its relaxed atmosphere. I miss it.