Left bed

Shopping again

I have slowly got back into life in Berlin and went to my Oldie Fitness Group session this morning. They were all pleased to see me and asked lots of questions as we stretched and relaxed. It was nice to see them again.

Later I went to my Photoshop Gang session to find I was too early and Stefan wasn’t there. I talked to Marco, who also works there, about DSLR cameras. We looked around the internet and got more information. My search was prompted by an advertisement for a Canon DSLR camera in one of the big electrical store chains.

I got lots of information from the Wikepedia web page and from linked pages reviewing the camera. I decided to buy it. There were two reasons. First, the special offer price and second, if I did not buy now I would probably waste the money on food and booze 🙁

I returned home, got the money from under my mattress and left for the store. Nice help and advice in the store and so I arrived home to open the box. What a surprise. All the operating instructions were in German, French, Italian, Dutch or Spanish. Nothing in English. In addition I got three CDs about the camera …. but not in English.

I think I shall need next week to read all this stuff before I put the bits together and try to take a shot. Watch this space for results. I had been thinking about buying such an entry-to-DSLR-camera for some time, but talking to Ian in Beijing was the catalyst in doing something rather than talking about it.