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October 2011

October starts tomorrow with hot sunny weather – just like today. It is forecast to stay sunny until next Tuesday when autumn will arrive.

Tomorrow I am going on a walk to the south-east of the city to look at flora and fauna. On Sunday I am going to the city of Brandenburg to meet Heike and some of her friends. Lot of chat, food and a concert – I think it is music by Bach. Should be nice. Next Monday is a public holiday here to celebrate the re-unification of Germany in 1990. I wonder who and how it will be celebrated?

Life looks like settling into a regular pattern, very much like last autumn. I am still missing life in Beijing and noting how it has affected how I view life back in Berlin. Must avoid falling into a boring routine which looks very much the pattern until the end of the year.

Talking of year end, for the religious in Europe it ends with a celebration called Christmas. I noted this week that all my local supermarkets have now started to sell Christmas products. I think people will be so ‘cheesed off’ by this that they will increasingly turn away from this religious humbug – it would also be good if they stopped buying this rubbish in protest! Nice idea 🙂

Now who has a birthday in October? Nephew Andrew will be 34 on the 5th, which he shares with Birgit in Beijing who will be 49 on that day. Nephew Warren will be 35 on the 12th, his mother ( my sister Frances) will be 65 on the 14th. Back in Berlin, Harro will be 65 on the 17th, Marita hits 60 on the 21st, my ex-neighbour will be 93 on the 22nd, Dianne in Keighley hits the big one of 65 on the 27th and Tanja in London hits 48 on the 31st to end this birthday month. Happy Birthday to each and all and have a great day with your nearest and dearest.