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September 2011

I finished teaching at the institute yesterday and now have a few days for/to myself. I had a Manderin Chinese lesson this morning. Mainly pronunciation and writing down the main words and phrases I shall need to be polite.

My teacher also wrote words on a card to show to people when I need help. Not a bad tip when you visit a land where you can’t speak or read the language.

I shall start packing on Sunday. Heike is coming in the afternoon to take me to the airport. My non-stop flight leaves at 7:30 pm and takes almost 9 hours to reach Beijing. Ian and Birgit will be waiting for me and take me to their flat in south-central Beijing. I must remember to take my camera!

I shall not be posting to this blog until my return at the end of September. My nearest and dearest have my e-mail addresses should they wish to tell me how much they miss me 🙂

Who has a birthday while I am away? Charlotte will be 20 and about to go to Sussex University on 6 September. A day she shares with Nevand who will be 6. My liebe Andrea will be 26 on the 8th, nephew Stephen in Cambridge will be 41 on the 22nd, Robert 33 on the 23rd and Sylvana 51 on the 25th. Stephen’s Papa will be another year older on 27th, nephew Jefferson hits 38 on the 29th and ends this birthday month.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EACH AND ALL!