Left bed


It really is raining here. The last couple of weeks in July were very wet. It is the school holidays so not very nice for the kids and families who don’t have the money to escape to warmer climes. They have to spend their holiday period here. Not nice to have so much rain!

Shirley is celebrating her birthday with family and friends as I write these words. Hope you are having a great time Shirley. Jan is thinking of packing and driving to north Spain on Wednesday to join Arancha. They are then going to the south to spend some time alone on the beach, swimming and having fun. Great! They deserve it.

I am still waiting for Daniel to get this act together. He has sent me e-mails for a week and we still haven’t met. He is over from Brazil to visit friends and his old haunts in Berlin. At the moment he is in the Baltic states so hopefully we can meet when he returns.

Very busy month coming up. I am suddenly ‘flavour of the month’ at the institute. Another student asked to have lessons only from me. I will be teaching there three days a week throughout August. Can’t complain for the money will cover my next travel plans!

Supposed to be going on as bicycle tour tomorrow with five oldies. I wonder if we shall do this given the weather. Watch this space. Now where did I put my large umbrella?