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July things

Posting late into July, but better late than never. I’m getting back into my routine plus sorting out my new Acer laptop. For some reason Windows 7 Service Pack 1 will not download and install. I wonder why. I notice that nothing has fundamentally changed at Microsoft since my defection to Apple!

I am allowed to train with my Oldie group each Friday. I have also joined three other Oldies who like to cycle about the place. My first tour with them is tomorrow. Dentist appointment today – trying to hang onto a tooth. So far okay. Went to a workshop about teaching Intercultural Competence yesterday. It was great and I learnt a few more things. Back to German lessons and did my homework this morning.

I am also applying for a visa to visit China in September. I have to sort out health insurance before I can complete the form. Just a matter of time before I join the queue at the embassy to get the important stamp on my passport. Let’s see what happens.

Who has a birthday in July? Jutta had her 63rd on the 2nd and Adele will celebrate on the 26th. Happy Birthday to both.  There were a couple of other memories this month. The first was remembering David who died three years ago on the 3rd, and that Lew got his doctorate on the 14th in 2004. I was present at both events!