Left bed



I had a wonderful time in ‘Blighty’ and got back last Sunday. I should have returned on Saturday but I got my dates mixed up – and had to buy another ticket. I think it was a case of having another ‘senior moment’.

Marga sent me an e-mail this morning asking me if I was okay for I had not posted to this blog for some time. That was the spur to post this report. I have been rather busy getting into my weekly pattern plus sorting out future travel plans – thanks Shirley for your understanding, visits to docs for back treatment and shopping.

Yes, I went shopping. I came back with some money for a new laptop. You may remember that my Asus died some time ago. Next to the electrical gadgets store is a departmental store. I wandered in and found a teapot I liked. I bought it then decided I should use the rest of the money for the original purpose.

I finally bought an Acer Aspire, but only after checking the competition and prices plus asking a few people for their experiences of this brand. So far I am happy with it, but it has taken time to set the thing up and burning programmes I used to get on disc!

I have also started work on the photos I took in ‘Blighty’. There are 130 to work on so please give me time.  Now to show you my new ‘classic’ teapot!