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A Fall

A Fall and Results

The final day in May brought the worst thing. I meet Lee and Gerry in the afternoon but in the evening a thunderstorm started. We were at S-U-Bahn Friedrichstrasse and crossed the road. The lights changed to red for us as we got to the middle section for pedestrians.

I didn’t notice a stone was higher than the others and tripped over. My head narrowly missed going under the wheel of a car. I fell to the the right damaging my foot and calf. I stopped my head hitting the ground by taking the fall on my outstretched arms. Ski-fall training but the street is harder than snow!

For the first few days I only noted problems with my foot-leg which slowly went away. It was replaced with a growing pain in my back which moved into my shoulders and back of my neck. By Saturday I could not sleep and was in permanent pain.

My German teacher gave me a stick to help me to walk slowly, my chin stayed on my chest so I could not see anything in the middle/higher vision range. I also found my old neck support and pain killers. You can see them here.

I went to the Doc this morning. He put me on a course of tablets to relax the tense muscles in the shoulders and neck, plus a course of physiotherapy. If that doesn’t show signs of working by early next week then it will be hospital 🙁

I called Hannelore and Peter in France to cancel my holiday there. They were very understanding and told me to come later in the year when I am better. Here is a pic of what I am missing plus my new tablets!

What a way to end one month and start another!