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Visitors – 2

We met on a fresh hot sunny 1st June. That evening we had a thunderstorm of classic proportions – and then sun, blue sky and heat returned as if nothing had happened!

I met Lee and Gerry at Alexander Platz plus all the band. We all piled into an S-Bahn heading to Strausberg. It was full of workers returning home. I smiled as I saw the look of surprise on their faces at seeing so many English speakers in the wagon.

We finally arrived at Fredersdorf. There followed a ten minute walk into the village. The concert was held in the sports hall of the village school. Refreshments were on hand as soon as the musicians arrived.

I sat with Lee and Gerry and some interesting ‘Brits’ with interesting political opinions about what was wrong with the country. I listened with pointed ears for I do not get the chance to hear such views.

The clothes and instruments finally arrived, so all moved into the sports hall for a practice run before the big event. At that point I took these photos. I really like the one of Gerry blowing into a large metal instrument while smiling! Unfortunately I had to leave the concert early but I really liked what I heard.

I hope to see Lee and Gerry again when I visit England in a few weeks.