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Big Kid

Big Kid Eating Again!

I went to Jüterbog yesterday. It is to the south of Berlin and was a thriving market town when Berlin didn’t even exist! I went to visit Jürgen and Dieter. The excuse for meeting was to celebrate my birthday – again!

I really like going there for Jürgen is a hobby cook and the meals are excellent. I also like going to their garden and seeing all the flowers, vegetables and fruit. Most of what we eat comes from their garden.

Here are a couple of pics showing me to be a Big Kid. I could not resist climbing on the train and being a five year old again! I got some strange looks but I enjoyed it.

We ate potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, fruit from the garden. The main meal was asparagus from the area with a Schnitzel. Mmmmh delicious!  After a gallop around the town and around the garden, we returned to sample Jürgen’s cherry and strawberry gateau with coffee of course! We finished with a glass of Becherovka from the Czech Republic. One of their finest products!

A short bus ride to the station and then the journey back to Berlin. Looking forward to the next visit. Wonder what we shall eat and drink then!