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May 2011

May and things

Brilliant end of April into May with hot, sunny days and blue skies.  May has my usual routines but things new including preparing to welcome Andrew and Gang and then Leeann. Looking forward to the next four weeks for they form my favourite month of the year!

Last Friday, the Photoshop Gang did a lot of talking after the break for Easter, so we didn’t get a lot done with our wall and stones. Instead, Stefan let me have one he had prepared as an example of what we shall be doing next week. It is in this post on the right.

Last Sunday I went to Rheinsberg. Weather cooler but dry. This time all the trains connected so I didn’t have to visit Templin again 🙂  I forgot my camera and left my glasses in a bus. Not the best of organised days! I finally got my glasses back, twenty minutes before my train left for Berlin. A long story but one that ended happily.

I took three photos of Schloss Rheinsberg with the camera in my ‘Handy’, as they say in German, which is ‘Mobile Phone’ in English. Now all I have to do is set up the Bluetooth on my phone, and the iMac, to get the photos out of the phone and into my computer. Stefan had promised to help on Friday if I make a hash of it myself!

Who has a birthday in my favourite month? 
Max hits 28 on the 2nd of May followed by my godson Marcel in Hungary who will be 17 on the 3rd. I shall gurgle a glass of sekt or two on Sunday 8th May to celebrate my 68th. Sounds rather old! 
Hans will be 60 on the 11th and may be celebrating with a female carer in Madeira – thankfully not me this year.

Trish will no doubt have at least one G&T on the 13th to celebrate with Gemal at their home in Datca.  Heike will be pushing into her 40’s on the 16th, Otto will be 80 on the 19th, Sylvia hits 55 on the 20th, and cousin Barbara will smile her way into her 66th year on the 22nd May.

Have a wonderful day each and all!  I’m having my usual quiet day with no party. Only a couple of friends to help me fill my glass.