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Photoshop Stones

Last week was pleasant but uneventful. Watching Spring fight its way into the year is always a pleasant period.  I noticed that buds opened and trees showed new greenery as the days passed.

At the Photoshop course, Stefan had prepared a new activity involving practicing skills we had earlier learnt, and mostly forgotten! We had photographs of walls with big old stones set in cement. The kind of walls built 6 or 7 hundred years ago.

We had to cut out stones, then give them new shapes and add to the bottom of the workspace to make a pile of stones. It takes more time than you may think, but we finished the task and are ready for the lesson after Easter.

Then we have to add stones to a background photo and show holes where the stones may have been. Here is an example quickly created by Stefan for me to add to this blog. Thanks Stefan!

Yesterday I went to Templin where I took photos to share with the group when we next meet.  See the next post about Templin.