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April things

April and things

The last month had some interesting changes for me, including a clear move into Spring, which is forecast to be even better this weekend.

Today is ‘April Fools Day’ internationally, no matter what it is called in different languages. We started our Friday Photoshop course again and with no April jokes!

It was nice to see the others after a three week break. We went through a range of photos Stefan had taken as material for the next part of the course and discussed possibilities. We start working on the material next Friday.

Tomorrow I am going to an ELTABB workshop on the topic of: Tech Talk-Understanding IT English. Should be interesting as much for the presenter, Edward, who is one of our long time members and an expert on all things IT.

I’m meeting ‘Liebe Andrea’ next Tuesday evening for a meal and just having time for ourselves to catch up on news. Only one wandering day is planned so far and this is in the middle of April. The month ends with another appointment with my dentist – and this time with the bill. Oh, no!

Each week has the same pattern as the weeks in last month. Training, my computer and photoshop groups, some private students, German lessons with Frau Fox and at least one visit to the Kömische Oper. I shall also be taking flowers to Birgit’s grave over Easter.

Talking of flowers. Here is a photo of my balcony with new flowers to brighten up the view. I planted them on Thursday. Now I enjoy looking out of my kitchen to see such cheering colours.

Who has a birthday in April? Horst starts the month with his 77th on the 4 April, followed by Uli enjoying his 64th on the 6th, his wife Petra follows on the 8th and Daniel will be celebrating his big day in Australia on the 9th. In California, Dennis welcomes his 56th on the 11 April, followed by Neil in Dortmund on the 13th for his 54th. He shares that day with Marga in Berlin who will be 63 then.

My great-nephew Henri will smile through his 2nd birthday on the 18th. I’m looking forward to seeing him and family in mid-June. Mathias with celebrate his 47th with the charming Sylvana on the 19th. Peter will celebrate his 47th with Andre on the 22nd, and Birgit F. also hits 47 but on the 24th. Katrin ends the month with her 43rd on the 28th April.  Happy Birthday to each and all!!