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Pork pies

Pork Pies

I got  a big surprise a few days ago. Ring on the doorbell and Mr Deutsche-Post said he had a small packet for me. When I saw it I immediately knew who had sent it, and what was inside.

It was from Sarah and Reena, and sent as a thank you for helping them to see more of Berlin on their last visit. What a wonderful surprise.

I cut a ‘sliver’ into one of the pies to see if it was okay to eat. Mmmmh….it was, so I cut another sliver then another sliver ……then noticed half of a pie had disappeared.

That evening I attacked the other half, with the help of a glass of red wine – but only as a helper for digestion. It worked.  I ate the other pie for lunch next day. Thanks to both.

Other news is that Daniel is not coming to Berlin from Brazil.  Jan is okay after a spell on a platform in the sea north of Mumbei/Bombay and that he and Arancha are planning a three day visit to Berlin at the end of this month. I am meeting Mathias tomorrow morning to book flights to France and England in June, then I am going to a ‘Grill-Party’ at Heike’s house.  In the last 6 days,  I have been to two concerts at the Philharmonie in Berlin and heard Mozart, Bruckner, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Benjamin Britten and Tschaikowsky.  Ian and Birgit are okay and now sending out regular news via their blog – and I am helping them to do this. I am now busy trying to create a site for teaching material on our Berlin-Brandenburg teachers association communication platform. All this is in addition to all the other things I do per week, which you already know about!