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Clearing Out

Clearing out

I had a great time yesterday sorting things in my cellar and then clearing a lot of things out.

 It all began with looking for some old chest/lung x-rays for my new allergie Doctor. I knew I had them in the cellar, but where? They were in the last box I opened. Typical!

Some were old records that I no longer needed to keep. In Germany you only have to keep reports/records of things such as tax papers for ten years. Yesterday I cleared out all the things from the 1990s. A nice feeling.

Many involved tax or bank records so I brought my ‘paper-shredder’ machine into play. It happily munched its way through piles of papers and delivered three bags for recycling.

I then found all my old Versatel connections – which didn’t work. I ended the contract after some hazzle from them, but I finally got a letter of apology and a voucher!

I shall be ‘investigating their inner workings with a hammer’ next weekend. Anyone want some ‘duff’ equipment before the hammer does its work? Can I hear Sven saying.’ On no, not again with his hammer!’ Oh, yes.