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Friday talent

 Friday Talent

Last Friday I went to my ‘Leg and Back Training for Oldies’, as usual. All were present. Usually someone is ill, or on holiday, or visiting grandchildren. We did some different stretching exercises. I felt much better as I left to go to my ‘Photoshop Gang’.

What a nice surprise when I arrived. Frau Schröder had baked some cakes, some small savoury/savory tarts and piroshki/pirozhki. They are baked or fried fruit or meat turnovers. Frau Schröder made them with meat and a mushroom filling. They are very popular in Russia and Poland. Mmmmh….delicious! Here is a photo of Helga and some pirozhki.

I found a copy of my work from last week in my file on the computer. I have now posted it here. It is called ‘JohnsHeli’.

Do you like my new means of transport? I decided to change the design of the sky – looks better with my new purchase.

Stefan had taken some new photographs for background and image work, so we started on them.

I selected a shot into the sunrise, from the Oberbaumschule Brücke over the river Spree toward Treptower Park. On the left of the shot was ‘east’ and of the right was ‘west’ Berlin. I decided to put Karl on both sides!